There’s No Place Like Home

By:  Pam Stasney and Sofie Peltier

2020 is in our rearview mirror and it feels like a blur.  Who knew that “social distancing” would be in our everyday vernacular and that face masks would become a fashion statement?  Our view has shifted dramatically in less than a year and our homes have a newfound focus on 24/7 livability.  Home has become a sanctuary of safety, comfort and well-being.  It has also become grand central station, performing multiple tasks:  home office, home gym, home school, home spa, and the list goes on.  When Vogue asked several top interior designers what home trends we’re likely to see in 2021, one word dominated above all:  comfort.  “Comfort, practicality, and making your home your sanctuary on every level,” says Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  “Comfort in all forms is becoming more paramount,” says Timothy Corrigan.  “The importance of comfort, wellness, and sustainability will continue to be a priority,” says Sheila Bridges.

After comfort, home dwellers are looking for longevity, integrity and surrounding themselves with joy.  “Essentially, the trend is to embrace what lasts, what’s well made, and what makes you smile,” says Robin Standefer.

Open concept living is being reconsidered, as homes are playing a myriad of roles. Floor plans are being reconfigured in creative ways to accommodate separate spaces for home school, zoom conference calls and at-home workouts.

When Houzz researched 2020 trends to make predictions for home design in 2021, they discovered that kitchens have become multi-zoned task centers.  Homeowners are creating dedicated areas for baking, prepping and chopping, or stations for drinks, snacks and homework.

New year trends come and go, but we believe in concepts with enduring quality.  Add these three words to your interior design vocabulary and you’ll be ahead of the curve:

1. Cocooning is here to stay.



Envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way.

A hidden door in a bookcase filled with tales of intrigue and adventure, opens to a bedroom, layered with coziness and complete with a reading nook.  Design by Haven Interiors, Ltd.  Photography by Ryan Hainey.

The pandemic has reawakened our human need to be hugged by our surroundings.  “Cocooning” is a term first coined by top trend-spotting guru Faith Popcorn, and it’s all about having a desire to create a perfect, cozy environment, safe from the frustrations and worries of the world outside. Last year we talked about making home your haven and creating cozy at home and this year we are inspired to keep finding new ways to make our client’s homes cocoon worthy.  Like a safe place for caterpillars to become butterflies, home needs to provide comfort and allow room to grow and dream. Whether kids are attending school at home or away, why not create a place where their imaginations can run wild?  Design a space to encourage reading, learning and artistic creativity.

This homework space is an “aha moment” waiting to happen.  Art wall – a design collaboration between Haven Interiors, Ltd. and Chimenti Studios. Photography by Ryan Hainey.

2. Lastingness means quality that endures.



Durability, Enduringness, Strength.

Permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force.

Quality Furniture, stone and tile create lasting style.  Adding a touch of whimsy through durable fabrics makes it home.  Interior design by Haven Interiors, Ltd. Photography by Ryan Hainey.

Homes are seeing a lot of wear and tear these days.  Increased use requires durability.  Lighting, flooring, finishes and furnishings need to last.  Enduring everyday-use and the test of time.  Classic designs, neutral palettes and well-crafted pieces never go out of style. Our clients continue to appreciate the use of performance fabrics on upholstery pieces, for cleanability and durability.  Pet friendly, kid friendly carpeting and area rugs are practically spill proof.  Made in America is once again synonymous with long lasting, quality furniture.  Objets d’art from local artisans are being sought after, rather than mass produced objects from e-commerce giants.  And simple pleasures like fluffy towels, luxurious linens and aromatic candles, are easy ways to add quality to every day life.

“With everyone spending more time at home, there is a renewed emphasis on rooms that not only look good but can live up to increased use. Durability will continue to be more important and we will see a rise in using outdoor materials inside the home: there are so many great outdoor fabric options that allow you to make a mess and not worry about the clean-up, without having to sacrifice beauty.” –Timothy Corrigan

3. Trapezoid is the new shape in kitchen work zones.



A quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides.

Timeless kitchen style.  Design by Haven Interiors, Ltd.  Photography by Ryan Hainey.

According to Houzz, the traditional three-zone “work triangle” between the refrigerator, sink and range has been expanded to what looks more like a “work trapezoid.”   In 2021, home dwellers are creating customized work zones in kitchens:  Coffee stations, snack stations and baking stations are becoming essential, as the whole family is crossing paths, working and schooling at home.  A luxurious way to customize your 2021 kitchen is upgrading to smart appliances. These can range from touchless faucets, to WIFI-connected refrigerators. One of our favorites is the GE Kitchen Hub Smart Range Hood. Not only does it have an online cooking app, but it has dual cameras: one facing forward to videocall with loved ones, and one above the cooktop to document your recipe progress! Sheltering in place during 2020 has led many to explore new recipes or dare baking sour dough bread.  As designers, we are excited to guide our clients to create truly custom kitchens to meet their family’s specific, unique needs; from glamorous cocktail stations for empty nesters to nurturing healthy-snack stations for young families.  It’s all about how you live and creating spaces to serve your needs.

Make sure to visit our Kitchen: Heart of the Home on Pinterest for ideas on how to integrate homework stations, coffee stations, and baking stations into your home kitchen!

We hope 2021 finds you and your family healthy and safe, as we look forward to better days ahead.  Let us know how we can help customize your home to meet your ever-evolving needs.

Happy new year from all of us at Haven!