Our Founders

Color_Bridget_Donna2Our vision for Haven Interiors is quite simple – we want to offer you the best in home furnishings – from furniture to fabrics, lamps and accessories. And we want to put all of this together in a truly unique design.

When our building on Farwell was first built, its owners were making furniture upstairs, and selling it downstairs. Now, nearly 100 years later, we can say that with the incredible diversity of our resources, and our capability to custom design almost anything, our “home” on Farwell has come full circle, back to its roots.

We are extremely proud of the talented design staff that has come together at Haven. All team members, designers and assistants, are not only highly knowledgeable about products and services; they are deeply committed to providing these services with integrity. The positive energy needed to drive the creative process can be evidenced in their presentations and the expertise of their finished work. It is clear that at Haven Interiors, we all love what we do. Your home is absolutely more of a ‘joy’ than a ‘job’!