You can watch Donna Sweet talk to Houzz about design and her passion for beautiful things.

Many people have trouble making decisions when it comes to color, furniture and design.  Believe me when I say you’re not alone in this struggle.

Besides a can of paint, there is no easier way to add color, pattern and texture throughout your home than with some brilliantly bold throw pillows. Sure, even they can seem daunting and at times get messy, but on a sofa, an accent chair or a bed, they’re like beautiful paintings that decorate a wall.

An impressive collection of pillows doesn’t have to be an expensive.  Not every pillow or accessory in your home needs to be from a famous designer.   You can also find fantastic budget-friendly pillows with a little hunting.  You can also turn the look up a notch with customized pillows. Splurge on a yard or two of fabric you absolutely love, and use it to make a few well-placed pillows. If you’re still having trouble please talk to our design staff at Haven and we’ll be happy to help you.