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Pam Stasney

My passion for design first led me to the world of film and television.  As a Set Decorator and Photo Stylist, in both New York and Los Angeles, I was hired to “make movie magic.”  I created sets specifically designed for each cinematic character.  Color palettes, furniture styles, textures and patterns were chosen to tell their story.   This experience trained me to create spaces with depth and character.  Now, instead of reading a script, I ask a lot of questions.  I want to pay more attention to my client’s story than to my own aesthetic.  A home should be a reflection of its owners’ personal journey, including where they have been and where they dream to adventure.   Interiors that speak volumes to me are layered with details, yet leave space to breathe. My signature style is a mix of east coast and west coast: sophisticated yet casual, well-traveled, yet down-to-earth.  And I believe every home should have a touch of whimsy, just for fun.  I am so thankful to be collaborating with this team of talented, experienced designers here at Haven!