Bright green!  Yes we said it and it’s a bright and colorful side of green that you will see in home decor this year.  Bright green was named the 2017 pantone color of the year and it will really pop a room or an accent wall.  If your room has plenty of windows or natural light streaming in this color will warm your heart and your mental well being.  Other bright colors will do the same but very few people will add pinks, light blues or yellows into a sun room.

Creative specialists!  That’s a fancy name for interior designers but if you think about it – that’s what we are.  We help you make tough decisions about design and color choices.  Our job is to think differently about your project.  For example:  Detroit is quickly becoming the next Brooklyn when it comes to design and artistic design.  Warehouse living and architectural style designs are popping up all over the place and it’s cool feature rich colors are spreading throughout the country.

Mixed Patterns – This is a trend that was first seen in New York around late fall of 2016 and it started in the fashion industry.  The fashion industry is usually the start of where design start for your home and this trend quickly caught on for spring of 2017.

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.

Winston Churchill