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Matt Goellner

My favorite aspect of design is how personal it is. We are all constantly at the mercy of marketers and corporations, bombarding us with information and images. Because of this, our home is one of the few special places where we can be safe from the visual chaos. If done with care and intention, the design of the space that we live in can impact our lives for the better and provide both comfort and inspiration. I truly believe that every element and detail plays a role, and that our design needs are as individual as we are.

My background is in architecture and architectural acoustics. From there I chose to transition into interior design because I found I enjoy working with individuals, as opposed to corporations. Because of my architectural knowledge, I really enjoy melding the bones of the space with the needs and personality of the occupant. As a design assistant, I work to ensure that every detail of the design is in harmony with the rest and that the process of creating or updating a space is stress-free and exciting.