Inspired by History

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Inspired by History History has a way of captivating our imagination.  Remembering the past often conjures romantic notions.  In the film Midnight in Paris, the main character Gil is a

Gardens of Delight

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Gardens of Delight Summertime is in full bloom and we are enjoying sunshine, music festivals and the great outdoors.  This month, our design inspiration is gleaned from two nearby gardens: 

Design Musings

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Design Musings Interior design inspiration can come from a myriad of sources: a trip to Marrakech, a hike in the woods, a breathtaking sunset, or a sleek city skyline. Designers

Haven Interiors Studio Opening in Geneva, Illinois

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Over the last eleven years, we’ve been fortunate to experience very positive growth in our business. We love our current building and location, as well as the wonderful clients we’ve

Design Trends for 2017

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Bright green! Yes we said it and it’s a bright and colorful side of green that you will see in home decor this year.

Why is art so subjective?

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Is art really subjective?  The simple answer is; maybe.  That was helpful, right.  Is your grandchild's finger painting hanging on your fridge beautiful?  Someone not close to the artist would

Rustic looks for contemporary homes

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Modern Rustic is such a buzz term. Everyone seems to be embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. Personally, I LOVE this style! I am a sucker for character

Simple thoughts for a current lifestyle.

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Keeping it simple. Many combinations of old amazing things mixed with your cool contemporary design make for a beautiful and interesting look and, it doesn’t have to be complicated to pull

Choosing the right rug

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I grew up in a home with wall-to-wall carpeting and didn't know the beauty of a hardwood floor until I recently got married. My husband purchased an older home before

The buzz on the color white

It’s every designer’s favorite time of year – the release of the colors of the year. Typically we see color trends vary drastically from company to company, from vibrant bold